Lease Addendum



Both parties are responsible to keep their current phone and email up to date in with us via the portal.

If landlord can’t be reached in 1 hour for emergency service calls (Emergency – determined by Broker). Broker has the right to order services as needed at Landlord Expense. Approved repair invoices due to broker over 30-days old will be collected from tenant and deducted from the next month’s rent. All repairs will be submitted, tracked and coordinated in the Portal on our website. We request owner and tenant input all requests – you can call them in if needed.

Tenant responsible get a copy of the Home Owners Association (HOA) / Condominium management company rules at their expense.
Phone _____________________________________________________ Owner – Please put N/A if not applicable.

Tenant belongs to Hewitt Realty LLC. Owner will pay ½ months’ rent (minimum 600.00) at lease signing to Hewitt Realty LLC.

Tenant and owner will not communicate directly with each other. If owner wants to communicate directly with tenant, a Tenant Placement contract will be prepared – same fees will apply but owner will coordinate repairs, collect rent directly from tenant and be point of contact.

1-Tenant to show home (Saturdays 10-11AM ) in the last 60days of lease with 24-hour notice or forfeit security.
2-Tenant responsible for cosmetic repairs Under $50.00.
3-Tenant responsible for ALL Filters, Batteries, Light Bulbs, Dryer Vent clogs, Plumbing Backups and AC Drain Line Backups.
4-Tenant to Professionally Clean Carpets and leave receipt on Move-out or landlord will deduct min. $300.00.
5-If tenant turns off utilities before the lease ends – landlord will deduct $100.00 from the security deposit.
6-Tenant to touchup interior wall paint if existing paint is onsite.
7-Tenant will be fined $500.00 for any pets found in dwelling not on lease.
8-NO smoking in the premises and NO satellite dishes without written permission.
9-List only the owners and tenants name on page 1 of lease.
10-Tenant will be fined 50.00 for any Condo or HOA violations by Hewitt Realty LLC.
11-No trampolines or above ground pools.
12-Tenant is responsible to pressure wash the exterior and walkways as needed.
13-If lawn is not maintained owner can force place lawn service at tenant/s expense.
14-Tenant to professionally clean home at walk-out or landlord will deduct $350.00.
15-Walk-in and Walk-0uts need to be scheduled between 10am to 3pm.



Per FS 83.49(2)(b) List the Florida bank address and name that hold the security deposit.


Landlord ___________________ Date ___________       Tenant _________________________________ Date ____________

Landlord ___________________ Date ___________       Tenant _________________________________ Date ____________