How to Remove a Clog from you AC Drain Line

How to Video – Click Here


  1. The cap with the wire is the drain backup float switch – it shuts the unit down when water backs-up.
  2. Pour bleach down the condensation drain line – do it every 30 days when changing the filter.
  3. Check and replace the AC filter every 30 days or when dirty. Dirty filter will cause the unit to freeze up and blow warm air.
  4. Evaporator Coil on the Air Handler – use your phone camera to take a photo if hard to see or access.
    • Inspect the Air Handler Evaporator Coil every time you change the filter
    •  If air gets around the filter, the dirty air will clogs the coil fins.
    • It can cost up to 500.00 to clean the coil.
  5. Make sure the fan is spinning when the system is on – bad capacitor if not.
  6. Keep the outside Compressor fins clean with a hose as needed

Garbage Disposal Checks


  1. If the disposer does not hum when turned on – check the reset button. It should pushed in to power the disposer.
  2. Un-jam the disposer by turn the blades with the hex tool.

Lawn and Bushes

The lawn and the bushes are your responsibility per the lease unless otherwise stated. Lawns are hard to keep in shape in our area and do require regular maintenance.

Make sure to water the lawn regularly

Make sure to mow as needed

Cut bushes back as needed to maintain the height and dimension at walk-in