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How to Remove a Clog from you AC Drain Line

4 Ways to Clear a Clogged AC Drain Line

If you notice a leak or water accumulating in the drip pan, you can try to perform some DIY AC maintenance. Locate where the drain line exits from inside your home and ensure that it is not obstructed by dirt or other debris. The drain is typically located near the outside unit of your air conditioning system.  Try these three solutions to clearing a clogged AC drain line:

1. Unclogging Your AC Drain Line with Vinegar

After locating the drain line access point, remove the drain plug and pour a one-quarter cup of distilled white vinegar down the drain. Vinegar will also help to kill the algae. Something to keep in mind, for tough clogs this process may take several hours. Repeat this process monthly to keep your condensate drain free of clogs.

2. Use a Shop Vac

Attach the suction hose from the vacuum cleaner to the drain line. Turn on the shop vac until water flows freely into the collection canister. Shut off the vacuum cleaner and empty the collection canister as required.

3. Use a Long Plumbers Snake

Insert the free end of the snake into the drain opening. Work the snake up and down inside the drain line until the obstruction is removed.

4. Run Water From a Garden Hose Into the Drain Line

Sometimes the force of running water can loosen the clog. Open the fitting, if your system has one, located on the top of the drain line near where it exits the inside unit. Attach the garden hose and gently turn on the water. Be careful, as this method may cause additional leaks if the clog is well formed.

Garbage Disposal Checks


  • If the disposer does not hum when turned on – check the reset button. It should pushed in to power the disposer.
  • Un-jam the disposer by turn the blades with the hex tool.

Lawn Mowing and Water

  • Water 3 times per week 30 min per zone 5 am to 6 am
  • Mow when grass is dry.
  • Avoid mowing during the hottest part of the day to protect your mower.
  • Always mow with a sharp blade.
  • Cut height – 2 to 3 inches
  • During periods of peak growth, expect to mow grass once every 5–7 days.


  • Cut bushes and pull weeds as needed

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