Walkout Instructions


  • Per lease tenant will show Saturdays 10-11 am by appt. in last 60 days
  • We will text picture ID if agent does not accompany


  • Don’t lock keys in home – we don’t keep keys. 
  • At walkout you will turn over key and vacate home.
  • Home to be move in ready for next tenant.
  • We schedule a 30 min walkout time allowance.

Tenant Notes

  • Replace any bad bulbs or batteries – i.e. smoke detectors.
  • Make sure bushes are trimmed / beds weeded / Lawn cut.
  • Do not leave trash at curb.
  • Touch-up paint if matching paint is on site.
  • Do not touch up if paint does not match.
  • Leave utilities on till lease end
  • Put remotes and spare keys on kitchen counter
  • Professional Cleaning receipts – leave on kitchen counter.

Owner Notes

  • Have power and electricity on at walkout.
  • Arrange lawn care as needed.
  • Walkout inspection will be emailed in 48 hours of walkout.
  • Return security in 15 days if no claim or claim letter in 30 days.